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Towards 2025

Concordia College is excited to introduce our new Strategic Plan ‘Towards 2025’, which sets an exciting new direction for our community and outlines our purpose and priorities for the coming five years.

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Towards 2025' is the result of a 12-month process that has involved extensive consultation with students, staff and parents through face-to-face meetings and surveys.

Concordia has always drawn on the strength of its heritage to create a unique learning environment, and we will build on these foundations in forging ahead to provide the most relevant and inspiring education for our students in an interconnected, changing world. Concordia College is a school united by a central focus on a Christ-centred way of life, a joy of learning, striving for excellence in a spirit of humility, and development of character. We will continue to inspire academic and personal growth in our students by encouraging inquiry, stimulating creativity and innovation, embracing cross-cultural and global perspectives, and fostering meaningful participation and service.

‘Towards 2025 will ensure that student learning and engagement remain at the forefront of everything that we do, by empowering students with the skills, competencies and attributes they need to be successful in vastly changing workplaces. 

Some of the initiatives are already well underway. For example, our new ‘Unlocking Futures’ learning framework, which is a cornerstone of the Plan, has been the source of intensive staff planning and professional learning throughout the year. In addition, our Wellbeing Research Project is at a pivotal moment, with data from an extensive study into our students’ mental health needs now set to inform the development of a whole school wellbeing framework and a reshaping of pastoral care programs across the College.

We believe that ‘Towards 2025’ is a significant step to ensuring a collective and focused commitment to the future of our community. Not only will we collaborate in offering the very best educational experience to our students, but we will also do our best to prepare our students for success in the rapidly-changing world they will enter, all within a deeply caring community where Christ-inspired service and love is a way of life.

Michael Paech
Principal - St John's Campus

Paul Weinert
Principal - Concordia Campus