Celebrating 90 Years of Co-education

  • 1929 CC girls in Sunday dress
  • 1929 CC Girls matron
  • 1929 CC Girls Gymnastic pyramid
  • 1927 CC Girls in Sunday Dress
  • 1928 CC Group of Boys Girls

The history of Concordia took a ground-breaking turn 90 years ago. At a time when single-sex education was the norm in independent schools, the College opened its doors to girls. This was the result of many years of discussion and deliberation by both the General Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Australia, as well as the Society for Higher Education. The latter was a body formed to promote education for girls and to iron out the many practical and financial issues involved.

At the beginning of the 1927 school year there were just 99 students enrolled, 80 of them boys and young men. For the 19 girls embarking on this new co-educational venture it was a memorable and exciting time.

Claudia was one of these first girl students. She wrote:

'There was an aura of tension that first day when we arrived. Most of us were strangers to each other. We also knew we were embarking on a great new experiment: In fact, we were guinea pigs! I was just on top of the world when I got to Concordia.’

90 years on, we are thankful for the many wonderful students - both male and female - who have passed through Concordia’s doors. We recognise in particular the many young women who have engaged with the opportunities presented to them and gone on to achieve and serve in incredible ways after leaving Concordia.

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