80 Years Ago

The 1938 first year class, known in those times as ‘sexta’, was made up of 10 boys and 10 girls. Some of the students came from as far away as Western Australia and Queensland.

This year had other special features. The diary in The Brown and Gold provides details of memorable events for the boy boarders.

  • February 5: Owing to the infantile paralysis epidemic [1] the commencement of the school year has been postponed for three weeks.
  • March 10: No small stir is caused by a breakdown of the electric light system. For once it is not some inquisitive spirit wondering what happens when the metre is switched off.
  • March 27: We take part in the celebrations in the Adelaide Town Hall commemorating the 100th anniversary of Lutheranism in Australia.
  • April 15: We experience something extraordinary in the way of thunderstorms and hail. A blocked gutter turns the stairs into a miniature Niagara.
  • June 8: We listen to a short wave programme [2] from Klemzig, Germany, in commemoration of the centenary of the first Lutheran emigrants to Australia.
  • July 13: Dinner unusually fowl [3]
  • July 14: Another poultry dinner. Many thanks to the Brinkworth Ladies Guild.
  • July 19: And yet another. This time it is the Meribah fowl-houses which have suffered.
  • July 28: Carlos [4] clipped two seconds off the time given as a slice of bread consuming record. It now stands at 33 seconds.

[1] Outbreaks of poliomyelitis were responsible for many school closures before the introduction of a vaccine in the 1950s.

[2] Listening to the radio was a much-enjoyed pastime.

[3] Chicken dinners provided by country Lutherans for boarders were always a special treat.

[4] Most students were known by nicknames.


Back L-R: Louis Nuske, Jean Eckert, Dora Muller, Rhoda Darsow, Lorna Kassulke, Ronald Schmaal, Glenn Koch.
Middle L-R: Marcus Matuschka, Thelma Traeger, Elva Kloeden, Rita Heinrich, Marjory Huf, Enid Gramp, Betty Niewand, Clemens Koch.
Front L-R: Leslie Heintze, Ernest Kriewaldt, Peter Noske, Raymond Klemm, Elmore Traeger.

  • 1938 Sexta class 930 400