Brown and Blue - Changes to the College Uniform

In 1990, Concordia’s centenary year, plans were underway for a dramatic change to the College uniform for girls. There were several reasons for this.

During the late 1950s the navy blue of more than two decades had given way to brown, an acceptable and even fashionable colour up until the early 1980s. By 1990, however, students were wishing for a more stylish and up-to-date look. Parents had also expressed concerns about the quality of the garments, and there were also problems with consistency, with different manufacturers producing items with slightly varying details. At one time there were five versions of the school badge on blazers!

A committee of parent, staff and student representatives met over the next three years, and reached a decision by 1993. The new uniform was predominantly navy blue while still retaining elements of the traditional gold and pale blue.

The tailored poly-wool unisex blazer was the most obvious change. The gold metallic thread in the badge or monogram was deliberately chosen so it would be plainly visible under strong stage lighting.

At the beginning of 1994 only Year 8 students were required to wear the new uniform, and there was a complete changeover by 1996.

Jenni van Wageningen

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