Chess has enjoyed popularity among Concordia students for well over 100 years. The game has been played for recreation and leisure as well as in strongly competitive interschool competitions.

An early photo from 1907 shows a game between two pastoral ministry students while they suck thoughtfully on pipes.

By 1952, interest in chess was at its peak, with more than 50 students (from a total enrolment of 187)  keen to fill teams for the hotly contested interschool games. In that year the A team won the challenge final in a tense and dramatic match against Norwood High.

Within a decade, chess was just one of half a dozen different clubs available to students. Novices were given help with some basics of the game before they went on to challenge each other. While the three teams playing other schools had limited success, enthusiasm remained high, and in 1964 Concordia boasted one of only five A grade teams in the state.

Jenni van Wageningen

  • 1907 Chess game 930 400
  • 1975 Chess Club 930 400