Dress Code

In the 1950s when most Concordia students were boarders, uniform and clothing requirements were very strict and specific.

During the summer girls were expected to have two cotton frocks of regulation material and style, suitable underwear, a regulation straw bowler hat with the College band and badge, three pairs of fawn lisle 60 denier silk or nylon stretch stockings, brown gloves and brown lace-up shoes.

‘Evening frocks’ were not permitted; all dresses needed to be at least knee length with a generous hem; no cosmetics were allowed, and jewellery, other than the College badge and a watch, was not to be worn.  Girls were required to wear hats and gloves while off campus.

The winter uniform was a dark brown serge tunic together with a long-sleeved gold blouse, and tie. The regulation pullover, blazer, beret and shoes were all brown.

On Sundays in the summer months girls wore a drip-dry white cotton frock if they had not yet been confirmed.  After confirmation, a standard white ‘robia voile’ frock was specified, and white underwear and white gloves were also quite essential. ‘Plain brown flatties, regulation style’ completed the outfit for attending church.

The 1957 photo (below) shows the Year 8 (then known as Septima) girls in winter uniform.

Back: Nadine Buxton, Dianna Ortlepp, L Worrall, Valerie Hoffmann, Patricia Sickerdick, Anne Wachtel, Judith Voigt
Middle: Colleen Coleman, Audrey Hoffmann, Lois Hanckel, Sandra Hansen, Grace Schulz, Christine Lindstrom, Dixie Zschech, Barbara Hein
Front: Sabine Neumann, Adrienne Morton, Glenise Baum, Margaret Mattner, Melva Schirmer, Petrea Schuppan, Maxine Braendler, Betty Herrmann.

Jenni van Wageningen

  • 1957 Septima girls May 21 2018 ai