Mighty Mettwurst Marathon

A most unusual ceremony took place at Wintulich’s Smallgoods factory in Gawler on 27 February 1974. A giant mettwurst, made especially for the Concordia Carnival, was presented to College representatives.

The mettwurst was two metres long and 50mm in diameter. At the handing-over ceremony it was strapped to a pole, and pairs of students took turns in running with the mettwurst on a journey of more than 40 kilometres from Gawler to Concordia. It was rumoured that the headmaster, the Rev Tom Reuther, also took part!

A vehicle, with eye-catching signs explaining the nature of the marathon, preceded the runners.

A linocut to mark the unique occasion appeared in The Brown and Gold.

Jenni van Wageningen

1974 Mettwurst race linocut 600 300