New Students

When nearly all Concordia students were boarders, many came from as far away as country areas in Queensland and Western Australia. They often had to cope with several days of train travel, a very unfamiliar school environment and the expectations in a strictly run boarding house.

Some of the memorable experiences of new students have been recorded in The Brown and Gold yearbook.

 A boy boarder from 1935 wrote that ‘during the first week, pillow and towel fights were frequent, and some of the new boys were sent down to the shop to get a tin of striped paint or some waterproof wire netting. One night as I was getting to bed I found my pyjamas tied up in a neat little bundle. When I had untied them, I got ready for bed, but I could not stretch out my legs because my bed had been short-sheeted. The prefect, however, put a stop to our many pranks.’

A Year 8 day student from 1987 recalls that he ‘felt like a nurse with these big shoes I had on. When we arrived, my knees were shaking as though I was cold… I said to Mum. ‘I don’t want to do this.’ The introductory sessions we had with our new class teachers …turned out really well… Concordia was no longer so strange and scary.’

1938 Sexta (Year 8) Class

Back: Louis Nuske, Jean Eckert, Dora Muller, Rhoda Darsow, Lorna Kassulke, Ronald Schmaal, Glenn Koch
Middle: Marcus Matuschka, Thelma Traeger, Elva Kloeden, Rita Heinrich, M Huf, Enid Gramp, Betty Niewand, Clemens Koch
Front: Leslie Heintze, Ernest Kriewaldt, Peter Noske, Raymond Klemm, Elmore Traeger

1938 Sexta class