Pedal Prix 1995

Teams from Concordia participated in the Pedal Prix for the first time in 1995.

Concorde 1 was designed and constructed by Year 10 Technology students, while Concorde 2 was the production of a Year 11 group.

The event took place at the end of September at the Adelaide International Raceway in Virginia on a track which has been described as wide, flat and open with an uninteresting layout.

The race was not without many setbacks and minor disasters for both fledgling teams.

Spokes snapped and tyres wore out; and when Concorde 2 clipped another car and ricocheted into the wall the steering broke.

One hundred teams competed, with Concorde 1 finishing 63rd and travelling 428.34 km. Concorde 2 was 34th and completed 531 km.

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