Start of the School Year

In 1950 a student wrote in The Brown and Gold that ‘the first week at Concordia is the hardest. We have to get used to our class-mates and settle down to work.’

The start of each school year in February has often demanded other adjustments. These are some of the ‘start of year’ changes, both planned and unexpected, both large and small, which once greeted students on their return to school.

  • 1912: The school year was divided into three terms instead of four quarters. This was to allow Concordia students to do their required military training together with students from another college.
  • 1916: Winchester St was bitumenised – no more dust and mud!
  • 1919: School did not open until 12 March because of the widespread epidemic of Spanish influenza. Some students arrived weeks late, others turned up after many months, while some failed to arrive at all.
  • 1927: Girl students were enrolled for the first time, a group of 19.
  • 1934: An old bore which was sunk in 1914 was brought into operation again because of water restrictions.
  • 1938: A polio epidemic delayed the opening of the school year by three weeks.
  • 1945: The new hostel at 176 Wattle St to house 44 girl boarders and staff was opened.
  • 1950: The first overseas students – from Estonia, Latvia, Poland and the Ukraine – were enrolled.
  • 1952: St John’s Lutheran Primary school was opened and dedicated.
  • 1958: A formal Leaving Honours Class (Year 12) was established.
    Concordia Seminary became an institution separate from Concordia College.
  • 1959: The Games Association, a student group which for many decades had organised all sport at the College, was replaced with management by a sports master. 
  • 1972: The prefect system gave way to the formation of Forum to further encourage staff-student communication.
  • 1974: In accordance with a national policy, classes were now labelled ‘Year 8’, ‘Year 9’ etc.
  • 1975: The first Orientation Day for Year 8s was held.
  • 1984: A network of computers was installed.
  • 1987:  The three-House system (Brown, Gold, Blue) was replaced by a new system with four House groups – Malvern, Cheltenham, Winchester and Highgate.

PHOTO: 40 Years Ago - Teachers in 1979

  • 1979 Staff 930 400