Travelling to College - 90 Years Ago

In 1928, students in the Junior or Sexta class came from all states of Australia with the exception of Western Australia. 

Victor Schwarz from Ceduna was only 12 years old when he travelled 770 km to College in the company of a classmate.
‘In those days’, he writes, ‘it was a 24-hour journey available only once a week, first by railcar from Ceduna to Port Lincoln, and taking 10 hours from 7am to 5pm with many stops at stations and sidings along the way. And in the summer time with above century temperatures, this was quite an ordeal. After a two-hour break at Port Lincoln and something to eat, we boarded the MV Minnipa, leaving at 7pm and arriving at Port Adelaide at 7am, sailing across Spencer Gulf. On most journeys the seas became very rough around midnight in the vicinity of the Althorpe Islands, and unless a good sailor, use was made of the sea-sickness containers. A railcar on the wharf at Port Adelaide conveyed passengers to the Adelaide Railway Station, and then by tram to Concordia. In those days motor cars seldom made an overland trip from Ceduna to Adelaide.’


Back Row: Percy Schwarz, Eric Schultz, Leonard Koch, Auville Hoffrichter, Arthur Herrmann, Victor Dutschke.
Fourth Row: Harold Nitschke, Edgar Schulz, Harold Schulz, W illieKurtze, Noel Wagner, Carl Bradke, Oscar Lienert.
Third Row: Elsie Thiemann, Ivy Habel, Gladys Ross, Ivy Ramm, Elise Nitschke, Venetta Ramm, Alfreda Ramm, Erna Thiele, Alma Pfeiffer.
Second Row: Theodore Lindner, Theodore Schuermann, Adolf Schirmer, Gustav Hohnberg, Norman Friebel, Edwin Mueller,  R Noll, Norman Schueller.
Front Row: Victor Schwarz, Reginald Schubert, Stanley Cramer, Philip Graebner. 

1928 Sexta 931

1928 Sexta 600 300