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Building for today and the future

At Concordia, we are proud of the facilities provided for our students. We are committed to maintaining and developing the physical learning spaces, from day-to-day classroom maintenance and upgrades to advanced building projects. Recent projects at the Concordia Campus have included the Winchester Street ‘Hub’ development (2016) and the state-of the-art Nautilus Centre (2017), and at the St John's Campus the Courtyard redevelopment (2016) and new ELC Garden (2017).

Our students are fortunate to be enjoying outstanding facilities and this is largely due to support from parents, old collegians and the wider Concordia community who generously give tax-deductible gifts to the Concordia College Building Fund. We are very thankful for all support we have received to maintain these facilities which directly benefit students. 

In 2018, both campuses have tax-deductible projects for support.

At the Concordia Campus, we are seeking to provide shelter on the new Nautilus Centre rooftop deck, so that it can be utilised in all types of weather. Once the project is complete, much-needed sun and rain protection will allow STEM, Physics and Art classes to be conducted on the beautiful deck.

St John’s Campus staff and students are excited about further upgrades planned for the Resource Centre. As the centre of learning and creativity at the primary school campus, it is vital to teaching and learning across the curriculum. Planned updates include new furniture and shelving.

Contribute to the Building Fund

If you would like more information about donating to the voluntary Building Fund, please contact Sue Spry, Donor Relations Manager by emailing