The inaugural Concordia Old Collegians CBD Reunion Series saw reunions held in Hong Kong, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney (see photos below) over the months of May, June and July. Old collegians of all ages who either reside, work or study in those cities and surrounding areas met over drinks and tapas, hosted by the Concordia Campus Principal, Lester Saegenschnitter. Lester gave guests an update on College building projects and current news, and encouraged them to visit the school for a tour any time they are in Adelaide.

Many reported making new connections with old collegians they were not aware were living or studying in their city, and all expressed they would be very interested in attending similar events in the future. We look forward to holding more events in other cities, and encourage any old collegians who have moved interstate to notify the College with your new address details so we can keep in touch and invite you to future events near you.

Reunion photos below (in order):

Hong Kong Reunion - Saturday 6 May at The Globe, Melbourne Reunion - Friday 16 June at Bluetrain, Brisbane Reunion - Friday 30 June at Eleven Rooftop Bar and Sydney Reunion - Friday 14 July at Palings Kitchen & Bar.

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