LLL Matching Deposits

Did you know that by nominating your LLL savings account as a Matching Deposit you will support Concordia College?

Matching Deposit Accounts support low interest loans and are unique to the LLL. They are a way for you to ensure that your LLL savings account helps support Concordia while your funds are still available at call, your account earns interest and you can make deposits and withdrawals as usual.

Loans for major College building projects (eg “The Hub” and science centre buildings), have benefited from large savings in interest payments thanks to Matching Deposits. These savings also mean less pressure to increase school fees.

How to set up a Matching Deposit

Nominate your LLL Savings Account to be a Matching Deposit to Concordia College by completing the Matching Deposit instructions form on the following page to advise the LLL Concordia is the project you wish to support.

When approved, your nominated project can borrow funds to the equivalent amount of the matching deposits from the LLL at the low interest rate of 5% with no fees or charges.

LLL loans are normally much lower than commercial lending rates, so the project enjoys significant savings for the duration of the loan.

At any time, your Matching Deposit instruction can be changed, simply by writing to the LLL.

To speak to someone about matching deposits, please phone the Finance or Development Office at Concordia College on 08 8272 0444.

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