Meet the 2017 Committee

The 2017 COCA Committee is off to a great start and is continuing to focus on improving ways of connecting with and engaging old collegians of all ages. The Committee comprises a vibrant and passionate group of volunteers spanning a range of ages and interests who share a common goal; to provide opportunities for authentic connections between old collegians as well as a chance to stay in touch with the College.

Introducing the Committee Members

Mark Fortunatow - Class of 1974 (President)
Mark is Co-founder, Executive Chairman and CEO of MGM Wireless Limited, an Adelaide-based company specialising in school communication and attendance management systems. Having served as a committee member previously, Mark is familiar with both the inner workings and the outreach and events programs of COCA and is excited to serve as President.

Sue Spry - Class of 1974 (Vice President)
Sue has developed strong connections with many old collegians in her two years to date as COCA Vice President. She is particularly excited to see old collegians reuniting, maintaining friendships, keeping in touch with the College and interacting with current students through mentoring and event involvement.

Matthew Bruening - Class of 2016 (Secretary)
A recent graduate, Matthew served as College Captain in his final year at Concordia and brings strong communication and leadership skills to his role as secretary, as well as having a deep understanding of today's student body at Concordia. Matthew is also a member of the COCA Cricket Club.

John Temme - Class of 1955 (Treasurer)
John is a long serving member of COCA with numerous ties to the College. He understand the goals of COCA and the role it plays in the life of the College today, actively volunteering to assist with administrative and event-related tasks and taking a keen interest in supporting the ongoing success of COCA. 

Sharon Kretschmer - Class of 1977
Sharon maintains a strong connection to Concordia, currently working as a Librarian at the College and also assisting as a volunteer at COCA events. Her strong written and communication skills and her passion for history is of great benefit to the COCA Committee.  

Nikolai Leske - Class of 2015
Nikolai is currently a full time student who is completing a Bachelor of Music at the Elder Conservatorium. His ongoing connection with Concordia's Music Department, involvement in the COCA Big Band and understanding of the needs and desires of recent graduates gives him great insight into COCA's connection to the current cohort of Concordia students. 

Hannah Lewis - Class of 2013
Hannah is currently studying full time, but is also the Director of the COCA Flute Quartet, one of a number of interest groups available to old collegians. Hannah is keen to see more groups established that draw old collegians together around common interests and provide an important connection point for new COCA members.

Vicki Pese - Class of 1978
As well as being a member of the COCA Committee, Vicki serves as the official liaison between COCA and the College Board. She is a current Concordia parent with one child currently enrolled and two who have graduated and are now old collegians themselves. Outside of her involvement with Concordia, Vicki serves the wider community through her work as a GP.    

Warwick Raymont - Class of 1954
Warwick is a research scientist, a registered teacher and a proud old collegian who brings a wealth of experience to COCA, having served on a number of committees over the years. Warwick has committed many hours to volunteering in some worthy organisations, and has kept in contact with many of his Concordia peers over the decades..

Amanda Rebbeck - Class of 1991
After finishing her time at Concordia, Amanda went on to pursue a career as an architect and with a daughter commencing at the College in 2018 is keen to develop connections and mentoring opportunities between old collegians and the new generation of Concordia students. Amanda is also enthusiastic about event planning and management, college history and leveraging the power of social media.

Chris Symons - Class of 2012
Chris is currently studying full time while also coordinating and playing the trumpet in the COCA Big Band, one of COCA's interest groups. Chris is interested in assisting new and existing groups in their endeavours and is enthusiastic about to connecting old collegians to each other and the school.

Nadine Williams - Class of 1957
Nadine Williams has 20 years of experience as a journalist, and in recent years has also authored and published two books. Nadine holds a Prime Minister's Centenary of Federation award and an OAM for services to the Print Media in SA. Nadine brings a wealth of experience to the COCA Committee, particularly in the areas of history and communication.

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