Accommodation & Guardianship

  • Concordia Chapel

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At the time of enrolment all international students are required to indicate their accommodation preferences. Students who are not being cared for by a parent or approved relative must stay in Concordia-approved accommodation. Most students choose to be placed with a local family through Concordia’s homestay program.


Concordia offers a homestay program for overseas students through partnership with Happy Homestay Adelaide. Most of these homes are within easy reach of the College or on direct bus routes. It is the responsibility of the homestay parents to guarantee a safe, pleasant environment and provide all meals. The student is encouraged to be part of the family, joining in activities such as sport and other family outings.


Concordia requires all international students enrolled at the College to have a guardian for the duration of their enrolment. Unless the student is living with a parent or approved relative, the Principal will usually assume guardianship for students under 18 years of age.