Continuous Reporting at the Concordia Campus

  • Paul B talking to students

As part of the College’s School Improvement Plan for 2017 – 18, continuous reporting is being implemented at the Concordia Campus.

Continuous reporting is the process whereby subject teachers regularly provide feedback to students regarding their learning progress and achievements in summative tasks.

At the Concordia Campus, continuous reporting involves:

  • Increasing the quantity, quality and consistency of feedback available to students and parents
  • Providing feedback for each student that identifies their areas of strength and opportunities for growth in each subject area
  • Supporting students to more effectively track, reflect and improve their learning, assisting them to develop their ability to become independent learners
  • Supporting teachers, students and parents to take effective and immediate action to support student learning
  • Supporting parents to develop a greater awareness of, and engagement with, their child’s learning progress and achievements.

Feedback provided via continuous reporting is recorded in ManageBac, allowing both students and parents/caregivers to view the feedback provided in a timely and consistent manner. When a subject teacher has finalised the feedback and grades for a summative task, parents/caregivers will receive an email notification from ManageBac with these details. 

Please refer to the following for additional information regarding continuous reporting: