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From the St John's Campus Principal

Easter – A Time for Reflection

Paech Michael2With only one week to go of what has been a particularly long term, I think we are all looking forward to the holidays and the break from ‘school routines.’

In our St John’s Campus Leadership Team meeting earlier this week we spent time reflecting on all that has been achieved so far this year. It is fair to say that we were quite surprised at the long list of scheduled activities and new initiatives that we quickly compiled. I think it is good to take time to reflect on the things that we have achieved or of which we have been a part.

This year Easter happens during the holiday break and over the coming week we will be focusing our attention, as a school, on Easter and specifically all that it means for Christians around the world. As a Lutheran school we certainly believe that Easter one of the most significant events in the Christian calendar. It is a time when we celebrate God's expression of his love for humanity by sending his only son, Jesus, to suffer and die for us, and then to rise again from the dead three days later.

Just as we reflect on the achievements of this past term we also do well to take time at Easter to reflect on all that was done for us at Easter, all of the things that Jesus achieved for us.

  • Forgiveness of our sins and peace with God
  • Reconciliation with God
  • Free access to God’s unconditional love
  • Freedom from the fear of death
  • Hope for the future
  • A new identity in Jesus

I encourage you to take some time over Easter to reflect on the message of faith, hope and peace that can be ours because of what Jesus did for us at Easter.

Michael Paech
Principal - St John's Campus

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P&F Update and Family Get Together

St John’s Campus P&F off to a Good Start!

An enthusiastic group of parents and friends from the St John’s Campus gathered together a few weeks ago to continue planning activities for the year ahead. One of the central goals for our P&F is to provide opportunities that help to build a stronger sense of community.

We are pleased that our St John's Campus P&F are up and running again this year under the leadership of Nick Handley, as President.

This was their second meeting this year and it has been positive to note the range of parents in attendance at both meetings.

All parents and friends are welcome to join us at our next meeting in Term 2 on Monday, 13 May. At this meeting we will be joined by the architect leading our College Master Planning process who will be seeking input from parents into this important process.

Family Get Together a Great Success

Despite the ‘less than perfect’ weather, over 400 parents, staff and students gathered together on Friday night for a wonderful night of fellowship. The pizza was delicious and the evening had a great feel about it.

We thank our St John’s Campus P&F for sponsoring this event and also extend a big thank you to Angela Warrick (Community Engagement and Events Officer) and her team for organising the event.

Thank you also to all of the other people who supported the event: Concordia Habitat for Humanity Students for leading the games; Parents and friends from the Concordia Campus for volunteering their help and our parents and staff who also helped out.

A great way to finish a busy week and connect as a St John’s Campus community.

Michael Paech
Principal - St John's Campus

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Volunteers are a valuable resource to our College, assisting in the many programs and events we can offer students and the community. We appreciate the willingness of many parents and community members to contribute to the College in this way.

If you are considering volunteering at Concordia College and will be working directly with children, you are responsible to comply with the appropriate child related screening and training prior to commencement of this role. This includes roles such as Sports Coaches, Team Managers, and volunteers for excursions.

Concordia College is committed to ensuring that volunteers who support the College are able to work in a safe environment and in a manner that maintains the safety and wellbeing of volunteers, students and staff members (Volunteers policy)

The College values the safety and wellbeing of students as being paramount.

Volunteers who, under legislation, require a child related clearance must obtain clearance before commencing work. Please complete the required online application as soon as possible as applications can take up to eight weeks to be processed.

Both are available online for no cost for volunteers. Application details can be found on the College website parent portal. 

Please contact Sally Staggs or Andrea Gladigau if you have any queries.

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Halogen Leadership Conference

Our 2019 House Captains were privileged to attend the Halogen Leadership Conference at Adelaide Entertainment Centre on Thursday, 20 March. The students Ruby (6EH), Joey (6SH), Asha (6EH), James (6EH), Susie (6SH), Lachlan (6EH), Chelsea (6EH) and Jack B (6EH) all enjoyed listening and learning from the four inspirational and passionate speakers for the day. Rosanna Mangiarelli from Channel 7 News and Today Tonight spoke about having confidence, conviction and compassion in your leadership roles. Leisel Jones, a professional swimmer, talked about how to be successful you need to set goals, put time into achieving your goals and simply just get started. Phil Cummings finished the day, he was funny and very entertaining as he shared his story of how he became an author. Thank you to Mrs Hart who also attended the day with me. 

Please read below some of the students’ reflections from the day:

Ruby - “It was really fun! I especially liked hearing about different leadership roles and how we can bring leadership into our school community as House Captains.”

Susie - “The people there were really friendly and great. We had lots of fun.”

Joey - “It was great how we got to listen to other peoples’ life stories and how they have led people over the years.”

Jack - “It was a great experience to learn about leadership and we had lots of fun with all the kind and lovely people who attended the Conference."

James - “It was a good experience for us House Captains to become better leaders.”

Chelsea - “It was a really good experience and I recommend you go for House Captain in future years so you can attend this conference.”

Asha - “It was very inspirational and we were all encouraged to be leaders in all the communities we are involved in.”

Lachlan - “I really loved the day and it helped me to come out of my shell and meet other leaders from other primary schools across South Australia.”

Nicole Fielke
PE Teacher and St John’s Campus Sports Coordinator

  • House Captains 2019 Conference Photo
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Year 2s and SciWorld

On Tuesday 12 March, the Year 2 classes were visited by SciWorld! The central idea of our current Unit of Inquiry is “People apply their understanding of forces and energy to invent and create”. SciWorld led us in a workshop called “Simple Machines – Push! Pull!” The students were engaged in all manner of experiments with inclined planes – ramps, screws, wedges, and levers – wheels, axles, and pulleys. They learnt a lot about these simple machines and how they make our life and work easier. It is amazing what can be achieved with a little pulling and pushing!

Jenny Kowald
Year 2 teacher

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  • Year 2s Sciworld
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Student Leadership Day

Last week we went to Immanuel Primary School to learn about what it means to be a good leader. The focus was on responsibility and building relationships. We spent the day unpacking the Four S's of Leadership, these being spiritual, social, support and servant leading, through a range of collaborative activities.

Spiritual was about how God guides us and helps us to lead and serve others in the school. It also is about how we can pray to God whenever we need His help and support. We know as a Christian school that even when we have tough times, God is always with us.

The next S we learned about was support. Support in leadership terms is being there for each other no matter what. For an example, support could be encouraging people to be brave and stand up for themselves. It can also be relying on those around you through different challenges. We can be supportive of others, but also need to acknowledge that at times we need to be supported too.

The third S we heard about was social. Social leading is about communicating with students, teachers and other members of the community no matter what their age or differences. We need to remember that all people within a community should feel both valued and connected.

The last S we learnt about was servant leadership. This is about doing things for others without them necessarily asking you to do it or expecting any recognition. An important quality of all leaders is being humble and putting other people's needs before your own.

We enjoyed going to Immanuel and learning about what it means to be a leader. In many ways we are all leaders through the example we set for others. What we learnt about leadership is applicable to all people and we hope that through our example, we are able to share what we have learnt with others and be positive leaders within our community.

Daniel Keylock
Student Wellbeing Coordinator 

  • StudentLeadershipDay
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Year 5 Camp

The sun reflected off the river as it slowly rose over the cliff face that overlooked the Ankara campsite. This was the place the Year 5s called home for two nights. The days were filled with food, fun and friendship and will leave us with many lasting memories for years to come.

Some of our unforgettable moments from camp were kayaking down the Murray. Sadly no one fell in. We were hoping history would repeat itself, however Mr Wegener remained dry much to everyone’s disappointment. Another favourite moment was the raft building, where there were varying degrees of success as people tested their rafts. The look of determination on people’s faces as they clawed their way through the water and held on for dear life before the rafts tore apart, is etched in our memories. In most cases the people were the only things holding the rafts together.

We were very thankful for the quality food that was supplied across the camp. We were treated to pancakes and muffins in the morning and an array of biscuits and cakes. Mealtimes were quieter than usual as everyone was busy eating and enjoying what was in front of them.

Night times were an interesting experience. It is not easy going to sleep with a teacher grunting at you every time you whispered. It turns out that bribery does not work either.

Camp this year was a wonderful opportunity to get to know each other a little better and build upon the already strong bonds that we have as a group. There were lots of photos, fun times and bad jokes that, when all summed up, made it one positive and enjoyable experience.

"It was really fun, I enjoyed the tribal challenges." - Charlotte M 5SP

"It was a great experience and I will never forget it!" - Sebi 5SP

 Cate and Chelsea

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Siassi Walkathon 2019

A very big thank you to everyone for such a great day last Friday, 29 March for our annual Siassi Walkathon. It was so great to see many parents and other family/friends attend to support our students with this very special event. Despite the wintry weather it was great to see the sea of students wearing the colours of the PNG flag and walking with so much passion and pride, which was spectacular to witness.

The money raised through our Walkathon will support the St John’s Campus partnership with the schools on Siassi Island in Papua New Guinea.

Just a reminder that once you have collected your sponsorship donations please bring your money in to school ASAP so that we can tally the final amount and announce this to the school community. 

Heartfelt thanks to all families for your continued support of this exciting and enriching event.

Jane Graham
2019 Walkathon Organiser

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