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From the Community Carer

Hello everyone!

I am delighted to be here at Concordia as the Community Carer for the St John’s Campus this year. Working as part of the Wellbeing and Pastoral Care teams, I am committed to the positive development of children and their families. Together, we are building a safe and loving environment at the St John’s Campus for our children and for our community as a whole.

Taking a positively orientated approach to child wellbeing helps to build a supportive school culture that promotes safe, stable and nurturing relationships and environments - through which children can reach their full potential!

Over the past few weeks I have visited most of the classrooms and introduced the children to the main principles and practices of a Social Emotional Learning Program called MindUP.

The MindUP curriculum is a universal program that teaches social and emotional learning skills that draws on cognitive neuroscience, positive psychology and mindful awareness training. This semester the Year 4 students are continuing the MindUP journey they started in Term 4 last year and are expanding their understanding and practice of mindfulness. The Reception and Year 1 students are just beginning to learn how the brain works and to use the new language so they can help the important parts of the brain work together to become happier and healthier.   

Please don’t hesitate to be in touch if you have any questions.  

Below are some of the students’ thoughts about what ‘Off to a Great Start’ means to them:

“I use what we learn in MindUP when I’m stressed, like when I’m worried about a test. I do square breathing and it calms me down.”
Year 4 Student

“When I am annoyed with my older brother I can go to my room for some alone time to calm down. I put all my emotions into my pillow instead of always fighting back.”
Year 4 Student

“I think the most interesting things I’ve learnt about the brain is that the Prefrontal Cortex, the wise leader part, shuts down when the amygdala, the emotional part, takes over.”
Year 4 Student

Tamara Martin
Community Carer

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Sports Day 2019

We are really looking forward to our annual St John's Campus Sports Day tomorrow (Friday, 8 March), to be held on the College oval.

Please note a few key reminders below to help the day run smoothly:

  • Students are asked to arrive at school and head to their classrooms at 8.40am (five minutes earlier than normal). Late arrivals must sign in at the School Office.
  • Your child may come in their team’s colours or normal sports uniform. This is not a dress-up day (no need to buy clothes just for Sports Day.)
  • Students should wear sun safe (wide brimmed) hats and drink plenty of water throughout the day.
  • We encourage students to wear lots of sunscreen and reapply throughout the day. Teachers will provide some and students are reminded not to wear zinc cream.
  • Spectators might like to bring a chair and some shade. Some shade will be provided for spectators.
  • A coffee van will be onsite and a selection of baguettes, sushi, salads, cookies and muffins will be available for adults to purchase. Bottled water will also be for sale.
  • Students should be sensible with the amount of food they consume before competing in running events.
  • We would like eight parents for the staff/parent/student novelty event at 12.20pm. Please email Nicole Fielke if you would like to race. Participants are to wear appropriate running clothes and sneakers.
  • The day will finish at 12.40pm. Students need to see their teacher before leaving at the end of the day.
  • If students need to stay at school after 12.40pm, OSHC will be available free of charge until 3.15pm. Please book here for school hours care. Please book online through 'Fully Booked' if your child needs care from 3.30pm onwards.

For further information, please refer to the email sent to parents earlier this week.

Thank you for your support - we hope to see you there!

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Year 4s Visit ABC Studios

As part of our Programme of Inquiry into how ‘digital media impacts the ways that people access information and communicate with each other’, the Year 4 classes went out to see the facilities at the ABC Collinswood studios. We saw the studios from where radio is broadcast and then with great excitement, where BTN is produced. We even got to meet some of our favourite presenters.

Thank you to the ABC for allowing us such great access to their facilities. We may have a few future journalists now as a result of our visit.

Anita Ruggiero
Year 4 Classroom Teacher

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Alan Wright Visit

Last Thursday we were privileged to host author and poet Alan Wright. Alan worked with all students in Years 3 to 6 on enhancing the use of their writer's notebook. He stressed that writers are thinkers and encouraged the students to write about the things that are closest to their heart. He shared his own extensive collection of writers notebooks so that the students could mine these for ideas for their own writing. These sessions were highly interactive and engaging and the students took immediate action by developing seeds of ideas for their own writing. We were inspired by Alan’s gift of storytelling and we look forward to continuing to develop the writing lives of the young authors in our community.

Alan's visit was a great source of inspiration and one of our students penned the following poem in response:

My Best Books

My books are the best,
whatever they are,
whether novels or recipes or classics or more.
Some have pictures,
some have words.
Some tell you how to do things,
and others tell you facts.
Some are thick,
some are thin.
Some are scary,
some are not.
Some are sad,
others are happy.
Lots and lots and lots of books.
Not enough bookshelves,
not enough books.
Books in the kitchen,
books in the lounge.
Books in the bedroom,
books all over the house.
As you can see, my books are the best.
So sit down somewhere,
and take a little rest.
Open up a book, you’re in for a treat.
Come on, let’s go, who shall we meet?

By Charlotte 5SP

Tracey Grice
Literacy Coach

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Siassi Partnership 2019 Walkathon

On Friday, 29 March the staff and students of St John’s Campus will be participating in the 2019 Siassi Walkathon at the school. The Walkathon will begin at 9.30am but will be preceded by a short Chapel in the Hall at 9am.

The money raised through this Walkathon will support the St John’s Campus partnership with the schools on Siassi Island in Papua New Guinea. For more information, click to download a brochure about the Walkathon. 

Please download your child’s sponsorship form attached to this article and start collecting money. Once you have collected your sponsorship donations, please bring your money into school between Monday, 25 March and Monday, 9 April.  We will be tallying the money raised during this time so you can see how much money we raise. This tally will be displayed in the JP Hall, the Hall and the Red Shed.

Thank you for your continued support of this exciting and enriching event.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at school.

Jane Graham
On behalf of St John’s Campus Siassi Team

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Information from the Australian Government about Cyber Safety and Wellbeing

Please click to download a letter from the Prime Minister outlining some Government resources to empower parents, and schools, to protect children and prepare them to be resilient, responsible and respectful adults.

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Twilight Tea - Friday, 15 March

With Twilight Tea is just around the corner and we hope you will join us for a night of food, live music and entertainment. Entry is free and all are welcome to attend this College-wide event on Friday, 15 March in the Concordia Campus Quad from 4.30 to 8pm.

For an overview of what's on offer on the night, click here and feel free to share the following link with family and friends:


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Arrangements for St John's Campus Bus Students on Concordia Campus Sports Day - 14 March

The annual Concordia Campus Sports Day will be held at SA Athletics Stadium (formerly Santos Stadium) on Thursday, 14 March. Please note the following important changes to bus routes and arrangements for the day.

  • In the morning:
    • The Adelaide Metro 888 SE Freeway bus will travel directly to SA Athletics Stadium, Mile End and not via Concordia College.
    • Please note: the Adelaide Metro 882 SE Freeway bus will not run on Thursday, 14 March. Students who normally catch the Adelaide Metro 882 SE Freeway bus will need to make arrangements to connect with the Adelaide Metro 888 bus. See the Adelaide Metro website for details.
    • School bus runs will operate as per the morning timetable but rather than arriving at Concordia College the buses will travel directly to SA Athletics Stadium, Mile End.
    • On arrival at the stadium, any St John’s Campus students will be transferred to the Concordia Bus. The driver is Mike Rowe, phone 0490 770 980. These Students will then be transported to the St John’s Campus, in the Concordia bus, arriving at St John’s Campus later than normal.

  • In the afternoon:
    • Any St John’s Campus students travelling on the school buses including the Adelaide Metro 888 school bus will be taken to SA Athletics Stadium in the Concordia bus to enable them to commence the homeward journey from Mile End. These students will be walked across the oval to the Concordia bus by 2.30pm.
    • All buses are scheduled to depart SA Athletics Stadium at 2.55pm.
    • School bus runs including the Adelaide Metro 888 will commence from SA Athletics Stadium. The 888 bus will not come via Concordia.
    • Please note: Students who normally catch the Adelaide Metro 882 SE Freeway bus will need to make other arrangements to get home as this service is not available on Thursday, 14 March.
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