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School Sport SA District Selections

Congratulations to the following students who were selected to play in the Adelaide South East District Teams for Tennis and Cricket (4-7 November). The students had a fantastic week. A special congratulations to the Adelaide South East District Girls Cricket Team (including Rosie T (6SH)) who won the week-long carnival.

  • Tennis - Marshall H (6SH) and Sam R (7KWAN)
  • Boys Cricket - Isaac T (6EH), Lachlan B (6EH), Jay T (7MGAS), Sean W (7SSPA) and Jackson H (7LTHO)
  • Girls Cricket - Rosie T (6SH)
  • SportSACarnival2
  • SportSACarnival3
  • SportSACarnival1a
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Outstanding Victories

Knockout Basketball Champions

On Wednesday, 13 November, Concordia’s Year 8/9 Boys Basketball Team took out the Pool A State-wide Knockout Championship, which effectively makes them the best team in South Australia for that age group! 

They defeated Cabra in the final after completing the day undefeated across a round robin of five pool matches and the grand final. Other schools included St Frances de Sales (Mt Barker), Trinity College, Cabra, Henley High School and Tenison Woods (Mt Gambier)

James Adcock (Class of 2017) coached the boys and we thank him guiding the team so well this year.

Congratulations boys!

IGSSA Volleyball Premiers

On Saturday, 16 November our Senior A and B girls volleyball teams won their respective grand final matches in the IGSSA competition. A fantastic effort and a wonderful way to cap off a strong season on the volleyball court. Well done to all the girls involved!

  • IMG 0273
  • Senior A team
  • Senior B team
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IGSSA Softball Carnival

On Thursday, 14 November, our Year 7 girls played in the Year 6/7 IGSSA Softball Carnival held at Pulteney School. The girls played against Westminster, Immanuel and Pulteney. A true team effort with Issy, Eliza, Emily and Coco sharing the pitching duties. The girls were undefeated in the three minor round games played and were victorious against Westminster in the grand final.

Congratulations team and a great warm up for the State school girls finals to be held on Tuesday, 26 November.

Thank you to Ivana for coaching and Laura M for scoring and umpiring in support of the team.

Corrina Ridley
Year 7 Sports Coordinator

  • Year 7 Softball Carnival 1
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Year 7 Knockout Teams Advance to Grand Finals

Congratulations to our Year 6/7 Knockout cricket team that defeated Belair PS in the semi final on Tuesday, 12 November. This is an outstanding effort from a talented group of boys who will be the first Year 6/7 cricket team to win through to the statewide grand final. A fantastic team effort with six different bowlers taking wickets, but Sean W was a standout with 46 not out, three catches and a wicket. 

Concordia also congratulates the Year 7 girls softball and girls tennis teams on winning through to the grand finals in their respective knockout competitions. We wish all of these teams and their coaches all the very best as they prepare to compete in these matches which will take place next week. Go Concordia!


  • IMG 1324
  • WIN 20190403 09 24 04 Pro
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St John's Campus Sports Results
Wednesday 30 October
Concordia Cats Year 6 Girls defeated by GOPS: 9- 45.
Wednesday 6 November
Concordia Cats Year 6 Girls defeated Burnside Comets: 22 - 17.
Thursday 7 November
Concordia Chargers defeated Concordia Cats: 24 - 12.
Wednesday 13 November
Concordia Year 6 Girls Cats defeated by Concordia Year 6 Boys Celtics: 34 - 17.
Thursday 14 November
Concordia Chargers basketball team defeated by GOPS Blue: 9 to 36.
Concordia Celtics defeated by Rose Park Warriors: 18 - 23, a very good game.
Saturday 2 November
Concordia Junior Green Kanga defeated by Concordia Blue Kanga: 87 - 116.
Saturday 16 November
Concordia Junior Kanga Green defeated Highgate Green: 166 - 100.
Friday 8 November
Concordia Gold defeated Eden Hills Phoenix: 63 points to 66.
Friday 15 November
Concordia Gold defeated St John's Grammar Maroon: two sets to one (64 to 52).
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Concordia Campus Sports Results

Boys Sport


Saturday 9 November
1st XI defeated.
Year 9A defeated by Westminster: 6/99 to 3/142. Sean W 2/22 (9A’s debut), Elliot F 1/9. Oscar W 49 runs, Oliver W 21 runs.

Saturday 16 November

Year 9A defeated by CBC: 8/89 to 8/90. Oliver W 2/4, Oscar W 2/11, James P and Bailey M, one wicket each. Fletcher S 32 runs and 1 wicket. 
Year 7A defeated.


Friday 1 November

Middle B defeated by Scotch: 2 sets 24 games to 7 sets 50 games.

Wednesday 6 November

Drive defeated Woodcroft: : 6 sets 40 games to 3 sets 34 games.

Saturday 9 November

Drive defeated by Westminster: 1 set 22 games to 8 sets 52 games.
Senior A defeated Pembroke: 5 sets 50 games to 4 sets 33 games.
Senior B defeated by Pembroke: 6 sets 47 games to 6 sets 50 games.
Middle A defeated Scotch: 7 sets 53 games to 2 sets 40 games.
Middle B Tennis had a bye.

Saturday 16 November

Drive defeated by Nazareth: 2 sets 36 games to 7 sets 45 games.
Senior A defeated Immanuel: 8 sets 53 games to 1 set 24 games.
Senior B defeated Immanuel: 4 sets 29 games to 2 sets 22 games.
Middle B defeated Cabra: 8 sets 56 games to 3 sets 28 games.


Friday 1 November

Senior C1 Yellow defeated Blackfriars: 3 sets 75 points to 0 sets 43 points. Best players: Sam W, Will P and Luke W.
Middle A defeated Pembroke: 3 sets 75 points to 0 sets 53 points (25-7, 25-23, 25-23). Best players: Kieran B, Samson V and Ben P.
Middle B1 defeated Woodcroft: 2 sets 68 points to 1 set 47 points (18-25, 25-11, 25-11). Best players: Ray Z, Jackson H and Max T.

Friday 8 November

Senior A defeated by Westminster: 1 set 57 points to 2 sets 63 points (20-25, 22-25, 15-13). Best players:  Archie M and Callum F.
Senior B1 defeated Adelaide High: 2 sets 74 points to 1 set 51 points (25-11, 24-26, 25-14). Best players: Sam G, Harry N and James P.
Senior B2 defeated St Michael's: 2 sets 50 points to 0 sets 43 points (25-23, 25-20). Best players: Damon T and Nick S.
Senior C1 Yellow defeated St Ignatius: 3 sets 75 points to 0 sets 49 points (25-21, 25-11, 25-17). Best players: Luke W, Will P and Sam W. 
Senior C1 Blue defeated by St Ignatius: 1 set 48 points to 2 sets 64 points (16-25, 26-24, 6-15). Best players: Josh H, Josh J M and Angus M.
Senior C2 defeated by Sacred Heart: 0 sets 36 points to 3 sets 65 points (16-25, 9-25, 11-15).
Middle A defeated Pembroke: 2 sets 50 points to 0 sets 34 points (25-18, 25-16). Best players: Zak Y, Shathir A and Kieran B.
Middle B2 defeated St John's: 2 sets 70 points to 1 set 45 points (25-8, 25-12, 20-25).
Middle C1 defeated by Pedare: 0 sets 43 points to 2 sets 50 points (20-25, 23-25). Best players: Will L, Max T and Joel S.
Middle C2 Gold had a bye.

Friday 15 November

Senior A defeated Woodcroft: 2 sets to 1 set (25-11, 26-24, 15- 12). Best players: Archie M, Callum F and Alexander T.
Senior B1 defeated St Peter's: 3 sets 68 points to 0 sets 56 points (28-26, 25-20, 15-10). Best players: Sam G, Lachlan S and James P.
Senior B2 defeated.
Senior C1 Yellow defeated by CBC: 1 set 55 points to 2 sets 57 points (24-26, 25-16, 6-15). Best players: Harry L and Will P.
Senior C1 Blue defeated.
Middle B1 defeated Westminster: 2 sets 68 points to 1 set 70 points (18-25, 25-23, 25-22). Best player: Hanno D K.
Middle B2 defeated Scotch: 2 sets 63 points to 1 set 56 points (25-18, 25-23, 13-15). Best players: Zach G-C, Elliot F and Aaron S.
Middle C1 defeated PAC: 3 sets 65 points to 0 sets 42 points (25-17, 25-11, 15-14). Best players: Will L, Ben L and Tom L.
Middle C2 Gold defeated Cabra: 3 sets 75 points to 0 sets 44 points (25-9, 25-17, 25-18). Best players: Rory F, Elijah M and Kurtis R. 

Girls Sport


Monday 11 November

Middle Gold defeated Wilderness.
Middle Navy defeated Pembroke.
Middle White defeated St Peter's.

Wednesday 13 November

Middle A defeated Seymour.

Monday 18 November

Middle Navy defeated Wilderness.
Middle White defeated Wilderness: 18 – 12. 
Middle Gold defeated by Immanuel.


Saturday 9 November

Div 3 defeated by Pembroke: 3 sets 23 games – 3 sets 25 games.
Div 4 were defeated on forfeit.

Saturday 16 November

Div 3 defeated Seymour: 6 sets 37 games to 0 sets 10 games. A strong performance by all of the girls.
Div 4 defeated by St Ignatius: 1 set to 5 sets.


Saturday 9 November

Senior A defeated Wilderness.
Senior B defeated Wilderness.
Senior C1 defeated Wilderness.
Middle A defeated by Wilderness: 1 set – 2 sets.
Middle C defeated Wilderness 2 sets – 1 set. 

Saturday 16 November

Senior A defeated Pembroke: 2 sets – 1 set. Outstanding performance by Ashleigh F.
Senior B defeated Pembroke. Excellent serving by Paige M.
Middle A defeated Seymour: 3 sets 75 points to 0 sets 45 points (25-13, 25-17, 25-15). Best players: Amelie F, Jessie R and Jasmine M.
Middle B defeated Seymour.
Middle C defeated Seymour: 3 sets 75 points to 0 sets 58 points (25-19, 25-19, 25-20). Best players: Lottie M, Violet B and Claire K. This game was a great way to finish to the season and although it was a close game at times the girls worked together to bring the game home. They were extremely positive and supportive towards each other which made it a pleasure to coach them.  

Middle Gold/Navy defeated Pembroke. 

A strong finish to the season. Well done to all the teams.

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