Apple Distinguished Program

Concordia College St John’s Campus named Apple Distinguished Program

Concordia College St John’s Campus has been recognised as an Apple Distinguished Program for 2016-2017, for its use of iPad as an integral 1:1 learning tool that supports the inquiry-based IB PYP curriculum, which sees students investigating real-world situations of relevance to them.

For example, Year 2 students toured the city on an excursion, creating a photo journal, recording interviews with experts and making notes around the idea that communities create transportation systems that meet their needs.

Students benefit from the increased flexibility and portability provided by these take-home devices, which allow for anywhere, anytime learning. The devices provide access to an impressive range of content creation tools, giving students greater choice in how they share their learning.

Apple Distinguished Programs are K–20 academic implementations within one school, across a district, or in a higher-education academic program that provide one-to-one access to Apple notebook computers and/or mobile devices to all students, faculty, and administrators. They demonstrate an innovative and compelling learning environment that engages students and provides tangible evidence of academic accomplishment.

We look forward to the many exciting learning opportunities that will arise as students continue to engage with new tools for learning in an increasingly digital world.

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St Johns Campus students using iPads