Commendations for Concordia’s Nautilus Centre

Concordia College’s Nautilus Centre has been turning heads in the educational and architectural worlds since it opened in October 2017, with recognition continuing in 2018 thanks to Commendations in the Learning Environments Australasia Awards and the SA Architecture Awards. 

The Commendation for Educational Architecture in the SA Awards saw judges praising the leading-edge Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM) facility for its ability to “push educational boundaries within and beyond its walls”. Cleverly designed so that the learning of scientific, mathematical and artistic concepts connects to the design and construction of the physical structure, the building was also described as an immersive space with “abundant natural light” and a floor plan that creates “transparency and visual engagement”.

The Centre has become a vibrant hub for the sciences, specialised STEM classes, Visual Arts and Design at Concordia. It is a space that encourages collaboration, invites students to ask questions about their surroundings that link learning to the outside world, and complements Concordia’s vision to engage students so that they can achieve to the best of their ability.

As a relatively recent addition to our campus that boasts a number of unique features, the Nautilus Centre is a popular destination for prospective families at Principal’s Tours. To join one of our upcoming tours of the Concordia Campus (Years 7 to 12),  click to register online

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