Concordia Celebrates 130 Years

In 2020, Concordia College celebrates two milestones: namely its 130th year and 100 years of the Old Concordians’ Association. The College plans to commemorate these milestones in a variety of ways throughout the year, including holding a Centenary Dinner for Old Concordians in The Suaviter (the old Chapel) on Friday, 23 October. This is sure to be a wonderful night full of shared memories from times past. The Suaviter itself will also undergo an upgrade to enhance the entry with a gallery and improved capacity to showcase some of the incredible memorabilia found in the College’s Heritage Centre.

Early in the year, our Year 7 students spent time immersed in the history of their school as they toured the College Heritage Trail and explored the Heritage Centre to gather information for their project work. There was a lot of interest generated and lots of questions were asked, and it was great to see students starting out at the Concordia Campus having such an enthusiastic appreciation of our history.

We look forward to further opportunities to showcase and celebrate this rich history throughout the year.

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