Culture, Inclusion and Diversity

Concordia College embraces the many cultures that exist within its school community, promoting inclusion and advocating diversity as key elements in our pursuit to prepare students to participate in a global environment.

Walk through the College grounds on any given school day and the richness of diversity becomes overwhelmingly apparent where inclusion despite ethnicity exists.

For the past 60 years students from overseas have enrolled at Concordia College, bravely leaving their home countries (and for many also their families) to pursue a western education and lifestyle. Though today, it is difficult to know who is a visiting international student and who is a permanent resident of Australia.

Currently, records indicate that Concordia College has students from 19 different cultural backgrounds, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, and this should be celebrated as further commitment to the inclusion of the diversity within our school community.

To celebrate these cultures, and not any one individual student, Concordia College will promote events on the cultural calendar that have a special significance as a mark of acknowledgement and to promote the school as a destination school for overseas students.

  • Tuesday 4 August – National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day
  • Sunday 9 August – International Day of Indigenous People
  • Saturday 15 August – National Day India
  • Monday 17 August – Proclamation of Independence Indonesia
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