Exploring the Great Outdoors

Many students reflect on Year 9 Camp as a major highlight of their time at Concordia, and this year’s camp is sure to have the same lasting impact, with students enjoying a much-needed break from the technology-saturated world of home and school life while camping in the Flinders Ranges.

As part of the Year 9 Pastoral Care program, the camp is designed to help students to grow in confidence, resilience, independence and team work, using age-appropriate challenges and activities delivered within a caring, supporting environment. Students pitched their own tents, had opportunities to cook their own meals on camping stoves and stepped out of their comfort zones with activities like rock climbing, abseiling, mountain biking and bushwalking.

One of our students shared the following reflection from his time away on camp:

“Camp was a great experience for our Home Class. The way it challenged us both in physical aspects and in working together was invaluable. It brought our Home Class closer together and fostered a culture of supporting the other members of our group. ... Overall the camp was an incredible experience with many highlights and is something students in younger years can look forward to.”

Year9Camp 2017