Gifted Education Conference at Concordia

On Wednesday 18 May Concordia College again hosted the South Australian Gifted and Talented Conference with renowned Cambridge academic Julie Arliss and elite sports performance consultant Jeffrey Hodges.

At the conference, delegates from Years 10-12 participated in an interactive day of study around questions of meaning and purpose such as "Who am I?" and "What can I know?"

As well as pondering these fundamental questions, students were asked to provide intellectual frameworks for developing their own ideas in response to the main topic.

While differentiation of the curriculum is the primary means of supporting learners, certain students may benefit from programs that promote higher order and lateral thinking skills, an autonomous approach to learning and interactions with like-minded peers.

The conference was a great way for around 350 students from a range of schools across South Australia to mix, connect and share their ideas while also learning from two guest speakers who are experts in their fields. Concordia will also hold a junior workshop-style conference for younger students in Years 7-9 later this year.

GiftedEducationConference 2016