Jimmy Dodd: Artist-in-Residence

Middle and Senior School Art students have recently benefitted from working with and learning from Australian artist and art educator James ‘Jimmy’ Dodd whose career crosses a wide range of mediums, with his recent work focussing on kinetic art - the integration of art and technology.

Jimmy’s residency has presented a wonderful opportunity to explore concepts at the heart of STEAM learning, through the electronically controlled painting mill, drawing bots, ground groper robots and kinetic sculptures inspired by Swiss sculptor Jean Tinguely.

It has been wonderful to see students looking at art in new ways, learning new techniques and integrating technology skills into their Visual Art classes. The major projects produced during Jimmy’s time at Concordia will be displayed in the school as a celebration of student learning as we look forward to continuing to inspire students to explore new artistic directions.

  • Jimmy Dodd Kinetic Sculptures 024
  • Jimmy Dodd Drawing bots Dance party 043
  • Jimmy Dodd Kinetic Sculptures 127