Music and Media Record with HSCC

Music and Media students were fortunate to have the opportunity to record with a group of professional musicians from the Hindley Street Country Club on two separate occasions in Term 4. Late in October, Concordia’s Director of Music Mr Mat Noble was asked to join HSCC as a guest lead vocalist for their cover of Phil Collins’ ‘Sussudio’, a collaboration which also featured a choir of Concordia Campus background vocalists and a fantastic brass section. 

Towards the end of the term following excellent feedback on their first collaboration with Concordia, and with over 11,000 views amassed of the clip itself, members of the HSCC returned to Concordia for a special Christmas collaboration. This time, a choir of 60 Year 3 and 4 students packed into the Media Studio to sing with Mr Noble, lead vocalist and contestant from The Voice Kat Jade, three senior vocalists and two musicians from the Concordia Campus. The result was a beautiful and stirring rendition of John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s “Happy Christmas (War is Over)”.

In both cases Concordia’s Media studio provided the perfect setting for the recordings, with student crew members operating the cameras and control room production equipment to ensure the sessions ran smoothly.

The students can certainly be proud of the results, seen below:

Yr3 4 Choir Music Media HSCC 600 300