The Addams Family - A New Musical Comedy

After much anticipation and many hours of rehearsals and preparations, the 2019 Concordia musical production of The Addams Family – A New Musical Comedy opened at the Hopgood Theatre on Friday, 5 April. Directed by Mrs Suzanne Martin-Long and with Ms Bron Elsegood directing the pit band, the students did an incredible job of bringing this quirky, unique and incredibly funny musical to life.

Feedback from audiences at all three performances across the weekend was overwhelmingly positive and the students are commended for their efforts. Of course, a production of this scale is not possible without the assistance of many people behind the scenes, including staff, parents and family members. We thank all involved in the 2019 production as we wait now with interest to hear the announcement of the musical later this year.

  • the Addams Family 2019 01
  • the Addams Family 2019 05
  • the Addams Family 2019 04
  • the Addams Family 2019 03
  • the Addams Family 2019 06
  • the Addams Family 2019 02
  • the Addams Family 2019 pit band