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Brenz Kriewaldt was 13 years old when he began life as a boarder at Concordia in 1947. Fifty years later, in 1997, he shared some of his still vivid memories at a reunion dinner.

"I remember my father cutting my hair alongside his car in Winchester St once a month when he attended Mission Board meetings in Adelaide, saving 10 pence each time. How embarrassed could anyone feel?"

"I remember the ‘crocodile’ of girls wending their way to and from the hostel and the College."

"I remember the headmaster Dr Hamann (nicknamed ‘Hush’) doing his rounds at night and shining his torch at each bed in the dormitories to make sure each of us was safely tucked up in our beds."

"I remember the dense clouds of smoke pouring out of the toilets when the under-age boys decided to have a quiet smoke, all at the same time!"

"I remember mattresses being dropped from the dormitory balconies on to the ground, closely followed by some foolhardy boys."

"I remember buying tins of condensed milk and having a few sips during class when the teacher’s back was turned."

Jenni van Wageningen

1947 Septima Class AI2