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Our students’ wellbeing is at the centre of all we do.

Our teachers and specialist counselling and ministry staff work together to provide a supportive network for each student, ensuring their emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing are cared for and nurtured.

Support begins with manageable class sizes that allow teachers to get to know students, encourage and monitor their academic progress, foster a love of learning, and be alert to their emotional wellbeing.

Our pastoral support specialists – including our Student Counsellors and ministry team – ensure our students have a valuable ‘listening ear’ and a source of support, encouragement and guidance.

Our Team

Tamara Martin staff profile headshot

Tamara Martin

Primary School Counsellor

Trenna Albrecht headshot profile photo

Trenna Albrecht

Primary School Counsellor

Heather Quinn 2023

Heather Quinn

Middle School Counsellor

Maria Chiarolli headshot

Maria Chiarolli

Senior School Counsellor

Mark Rathjen headshot photo

Mark Rathjen

College Chaplain (Highgate)

Denby Tamms profile photo

Denby Tamms

College Chaplain (Blackwood)

Dale Gosden headshot

Dale Gosden

College Pastor