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We actively seek to attract and retain talented, committed and caring teachers and staff. Working together, we provide an environment where our students are safe to accept challenges, take risks in exploring their learning and achieve their best in all they undertake. 

Our staff are supported in their work with well-resourced programs and targeted professional learning opportunities.

Current Vacancies

Enrolments Registrar ELC - 12

Continuing, full-time – commencing as soon as practicable

The College is seeking an experienced Enrolments Registrar ELC – 12 who is passionate and has led and carried out the broad responsibilities of the role.

Welcoming, informative and timely communication is essential as the Enrolments Registrar ELC – 12 interacts with families, students, staff, and the College community. An understanding of the College culture and values is critical as this permeates every aspect of College life.

The Registrar is responsible for the planning, management and implementation of all enrolment and admissions activities of the College ELC to Year 12, involving more than one campus. In addition, the Registrar supports key marketing, networking and entrepreneurship. The incumbent will be responsible for:

  • analysing enrolment patterns, supporting recruitment strategies for both local, regional and overseas markets
  • building relationships with current and prospective families to maintain optimal enrolments
  • streamlining new enrolment processes and implementation of growing prospective enrolment numbers across ELC to Year 12 at the College.
  1. Application Guidelines
  2. Role Description
  3. Employment Application Form
  4. Employment Application Collection Notice

Applications will be considered as they are received.

Physical Education teacher

Fixed-term, part-time – FTE to be determined - Term 3 2022 with the possibility of extension

The position is for a knowledgeable, dedicated and passionate PE teacher who will encourage students to participate actively in sports. The PE teacher will have skills, knowledge and experience in a number of areas of sport and relevant theory. This role will include Middle and Senior School classes.

We are seeking a teacher with:

• qualification and capacity to teach PE Years 7-12

• a strong and demonstrable commitment to extra-curricular learning through sport supervision or coaching outside of normal school hours, including weekends

• desire to be a strong, pro-active contributor to a vibrant PE/Sport faculty team

Active participation in all co-curricular and some extra-curricular activities is sought.

  1. Application Guidelines
  2. Role Description
  3. Employment Application Form
  4. Employment Application Collection Notice

Applications close 10.00am Monday 23 May 2022.

General employment enquiries

ELC to Year 6
Sue Drogemuller, Primary School Leader
08 8271 4299 |

Years 7 to 12

Olivia Scroop, Assistant to the Director of Staff Administration
08 8272 0444 |