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We encourage our students to share the responsibility for their own and others’ wellbeing, which is fundamental to successful learning.

We know that students who are happy, confident and able to establish meaningful relationships are better placed to achieve positive learning outcomes.

Promoting wellbeing is one of our key strategic priorities, and in recent years our Wellbeing Team has been working with our Psychology Researcher-in-Residence to produce an integrated, research-based, sequenced wellbeing framework from ELC to Year 12. Our care for students also continues into the post-school years through our Graduate Transition program. See the video below for further information about wellbeing at Concordia.

Peer Support

Peer support is an important part of our pastoral system. It starts with our buddy program in the Primary School, which pairs our youngest students with buddies in Years 4 to 6. Year 7 students from the Concordia Campus also regularly visit their younger buddies. This provides an important source of cross-campus collaboration and an opportunity for the older students to develop their leadership skills.

Similarly, the mentoring of Middle School students by Senior students helps to build ties across year levels. For our Senior students, involvement as Peer Support Leaders offers valuable experience in mentoring and leadership.

Restorative Practices

We use restorative practices to resolve behaviour issues and rifts in student relationships. We make every endeavour to resolve situations as they arise and restore a positive, respectful relationship between the parties involved.

View our Respectful Relationships Policy


SchoolTV provides parents and students with comprehensive resources to help discuss and respond to any challenges of school and life in general. The wide range of topics addressed extends from mental health and anxiety to surviving the final year of school.