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Our excursions and camps develop leadership, communication, team-building and organisational skills though real-world experiences. Students take part in age appropriate experiences across Years 2 to 12.

Exchange Programs and Trips

For Middle and Senior School students, we offer exchange programs to promote global mindedness. For many years, Concordia has enjoyed annual participation in the SA German Exchange Program, welcoming and visiting students from Bavaria.

Annual Camps

Year 2

Students ‘camp’ overnight at the school as a way to prepare them for future camps.

Year 3

A two-day camp at Narnu Farm on Hindmarsh island where students see the day-to-day running of a farm.

Year 4

A three-day Adelaide Hills camp focusing on caring for our natural environment.

Year 5

A three-day camp on the banks of the Murray River with a focus on aquatic activities.

Year 6

The last camp for students at the St John’s Campus, this three-day adventure camp focusses on developing important life skills.

Year 7

Students fly to Canberra for four days to learn about the country’s political system.

Year 8

A three-night camp at Victor Harbor with a focus on aquatics, including kayaking and surfing.

Year 9

A four-day outdoor education and adventure camp in the Flinders Ranges where students develop their self-management and cooperation skills, while also building their capacity as responsible risk-takers in a supportive community environment.

Year 10

An outdoor education camp with an overnight kayaking expedition, team-building exercises, an Indigenous Conservation Park tour and more. This program is designed to challenge students and build resilience through goal setting, personal responsibility and teamwork.

Year 11

Year 11s take part in a special ‘Wellbeing Day’ experience, organised by Home Class teachers.

Year 12

Students participate in a two-day retreat to reflect on personal growth and goals in their final year of schooling.