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Our students consistently achieve pleasing results, enabling them to pursue their tertiary and post-secondary aspirations.

We are so proud of every student and their many successes. Here are some of our success stories from 2022:

  • Five students received an ATAR of 99+, placing them in the top 1% of students nationally - congratulations to Andrew, Isaiah, Jaiden, Oliver and Aaron
  • Design, Technology and Engineering - 78% achieved 'A-Band' results, 8 of these students were female and 3 of the 4 merits were to our female students
  • Digital Technologies - all students achieved 'A-Band' results
  • Drama - 86% of students achieved 'A-Band' results
  • Food and Hospitality - 25 students achieved 'A-Band' results
  • German - all students achieved 'A-Band' results
  • Media and Photography - all students achieved 'A-Band' results
  • Music Performance - all students achieved 'A-Band' results

Read more about our students' achievements in our 2022 Year 12 results booklet.

Congratulations to the Class of 2022!