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Concordia College is an International Baccalaureate World School. Our learning program reflects our belief in a balanced education that fosters academic, emotional, physical, relational and spiritual growth.

We aim to provide a purposeful learning environment where your child will feel secure and supported – with opportunities that engage, stimulate curiosity and a love of learning, and challenge them to discover what is possible.

Through differentiated learning, we can cater for your child’s learning needs at each stage of their development, including accelerating or providing extra support from dedicated, specialist staff.

Our Unlocking Futures Learning Framework will help your child to prepare for a rapidly changing world. Experts agree that those who are creative, problem-solvers, collaborative, relational, ethically and critically aware, and resilient in learning and life will be well positioned to thrive in the future.

Our students are empowered to learn anywhere, anytime. Each has their own device, starting with an iPad in the ELCs and Primary Schools and progressing to Surface Pros in the Middle and Senior Schools. Devices are used to support, engage and enhance learning in class and at home, and are pre-loaded with a relevant suite of software by our professional ICT team.

Discover our extraordinary school.