Manners Make the Man

Concordia’s headmaster, Pastor Elmore Leske, took an unusual and unprecedented step in 1967. He invited a well-known ‘finishing course’ lecturer, Mrs Jaye Walton to give a series of five lectures to a group of senior boys. The aim was to provide the students with information on etiquette and social graces that would stand them in good stead in both their personal and professional lives. 

She outlined the best way of looking for the right job and the correct method of applying for it, whether by telephone or written letter. Later sessions focused on good manners and deportment.

These lectures were the subject of an article in The Advertiser on Saturday, 22 July, 1967. It was reported that ‘Judging by the attentive atmosphere in the classroom, and the steadily growing pile of notes on each desk, the boys certainly enjoyed every minute of it!’

A photo in The Brown and Gold for 1972 (seen below) provides evidence of a successful practical exercise.

Jenni van Wageningen

  • 1972 Jaye Walton