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Caring for our environment

We have introduced a number of initiatives to help make our school greener and we are continuing to find more ways to be environmentally friendly.


Concordia diligently sorts all waste and recycles all glass, paper, scrap metal, plastics, cartons, green waste and bottles and we are always looking for new ways to recycle.

Environmentally friendly learning spaces

Concordia’s Murtoa Building, opened in 2010, provides accommodation for the Media Department and Middle School, along with expansion of the school’s Music Department. Environmentally sustainable design features include north-south orientation, daylighting, high fresh air rates using heat exchangers, and integrated Building Management System (BMS) with student displays to control air conditioning times and temperature set points. Solar panels on the roof of the Murtoa building harness sunlight to generate electricity, reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. We also capture and reuse rainwater, collected and stored in large underground storage tanks holding up to 55,000 litres. This rainwater is then used on-site for toilet flushing and irrigating the landscaped areas around Murtoa, saving many thousands of litres of water per year.

Community garden

Our Community Garden provides a safe and welcoming growing space where students can learn about sustainable practices, as well as a source of great-tasting, fresh produce. A large rainwater tank supplies water to the garden all year round.

Native gardens

Native plants that are adapted to local conditions are not only water-wise, they also provide a valuable habitat for local fauna. Look out for native plants and wildlife outside the School Uniform Shop on Winchester Street or visit our Sustainable Garden on Cheltenham Street, a collaborative initiative led by the Concordia Environmental Group and Student Forum, with support from Unley City Council. The Sustainable Garden provides a quiet and attractive place, not only for students to use while waiting for buses, but also for the enjoyment of the local community.

Mobile phone recycling program

MobileMuster‘ is a mobile phone recycling program that accepts all brands and types of mobile phones, as well their batteries, chargers and accessories. It is a way of ensuring mobile phone products are recycled in a safe, secure and ethical way. Student Leaders organise regular awareness-raising presentations to the student body.