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First Orientation Day

28 Aug 2019

In 1975 the College decided to devote the Sunday before the opening of the new school year to introduce all Year 8 students to life at Concordia. Parents and family members were also included in the day’s activities.

After a worship service, followed by a general introduction on the history and purpose of the College, everyone enjoyed a community luncheon before students were divided into class groups. They spent the rest of the afternoon with their form teachers who showed them around the campus and arranged for them to collect their textbooks.

At the same time, parents were divided into groups to learn about coursework, teaching approaches and homework expectations.

The Brown and Gold for that year reported that ‘this kind of introduction to secondary school life not only removed a large degree of the uncertainty involved and the resulting insecurities, but it enabled the students to commence their schooling in a happy, friendly and relaxed manner.’