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Jenelle Witty


Inspiring Wit is a fashion, beauty and travel blog founded by Jenelle Witty ('01) in 2014. Jenelle has been blogging since 2010, establishing herself as a respected Australian style blogger.

“I was studying at a performing arts academy and one of the ex-students encouraged me to start a blog so she could see behind the scenes of my shows,” Jenelle says. “I was designing costumes and sets, so initially I shared the process from the design concepts, sketches, fittings, build, sourcing, rehearsals and the final production shots. I got into reading other blogs and gradually the blog began to incorporate my personal style, inspirations and travels. It gave me a voice and an outlet to create as I built my business.”

Citing music and travel as her biggest inspirations, Jenelle is known for combining comfortable street pieces with covetable accessories for effortlessly chic- high/low dressing. As an eternal wanderlust, Jenelle loves developing stylish travel content for Inspiring Wit. Having worked with travel companies and hotels, Jenelle shares reviews, photography and travel guides.

Currently based in Perth, Jenelle has worked across Australia in the fields of design for theatre, arts festivals and interior design.