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Lauren Waldhuter


After graduating from Concordia in 2008, Lauren Waldhuter studied journalism at the University of South Australia, initially working for ABC News before leaving home soil and working overseas.

Her fascinating journey as a journalist has taken her to London, where she worked on Good Morning Britain and then extensively on the Brexit story with Sky News, before moving to Doha in Qatar where she worked for Al Jazeera, and then onto Hong Kong where she now works as a TV News Producer with Bloomberg News.

With 10 years of experience covering a diverse range of stories, Lauren has met many amazing people; learned much about politics and economics across various parts of the world; enjoyed the excitement of operating in a fast-paced environment; taken on new challenges and opportunities; worked alongside a wide variety of people and experienced parts of the world she had never been to before.

An award-winning journalist, Lauren’s career journey to date was recently featured in an article in the ‘UniSA Connect’ and you can read more of her story online.