Fulu Murovhi

Fulu Murovhi 02

After graduating from Concordia in 2002, Fulu Murovhi returned to his native South Africa to attend university. Having graduated from the the University of Johannesburg with a Bcom Honours Marketing Management, he now works in the food manufacturing and distribution business, working for a small start-up business.

I loved that you had such a wide choice of subjects at Concordia. I would not have had the chance to do subjects such as Drama and Legal studies had I done Year 12 in South Africa. [These subjects] developed my confidence to be able to express my ideas on paper as well as in front of audiences when having to make presentations. [...]

I loved every moment of my time at Concordia. I never at all felt out of place and everyone was so welcoming. To this day I still consider Australia my second home and “happy place”. It is an experience that I wish to be able to sponsor someone else to do in the future. It opened my eyes to so many possibilities and I definitely left Concordia more confident in what I was able to achieve in life.