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Brass Instrument Starter Packs” (Free lessons for beginners)

The benefits of learning Music and playing an instrument in an ensemble are extensive, with life-long attributes such as organisation, empathy, teamwork and self-esteem all directly related to the experience.

Concordia’s ensemble program is seeking motivated students who are looking to take advantage of the following offer. If your Year 7 son or daughter is interested in beginning to learn either trumpet, trombone, French horn, euphonium or tuba, they are now welcome to apply for a brass instrument “starter pack”.

The starter pack includes free lessons and free instrument hire for one term on one of the Brass instruments mentioned.

Your child will be taught by an outstanding tutor for a half hour per week during the school day, and if they apply themselves, could join a band within months.

There are eight starter packs on offer, so to apply, please email Mat Noble, Director of Music, or phone him on 0438 272 048.

It is expected that successful applicants will begin tuition this term and are expected to display commitment by continuing lessons at the conclusion of the starter pack.

To view a video which demonstrates the brass family of instruments in action, please click to view a demonstration.