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From the Middle and Senior School Principal

During the last 12 months, extensive research and planning have been progressing to develop the Middle and Senior School Leadership structure, designed to enable the College to realise its vision by implementing the Towards 2025 Strategic Plan. Concordia College has a strong commitment to continuous improvement informed by research, societal and global change, staff, student and parent input and feedback

The structural changes currently being implemented across the College were driven by a need to bring wellbeing and learning strategies together by focusing on enriching Year Level Programs and closely monitoring data-informed student progress.

A rigorous recruitment process for many of the positions in the new structure has now been completed; the following is to give the broader community a more detailed overview of the Middle and Senior School structure.

What is the new Leadership structure of the Middle and Senior Schools?

In terms of strengthening the school's student-centred focus, the new model is collaborative in its intent, placing students at the centre of our integrated approach to wellbeing and academic progress.

The new Structure of the Middle and Senior School

Roles and responsibilities of the Middle and Senior School

*Ben Crook is a Pastoral Year Level Leader from Endeavour College and will begin at Concordia College in 2022

What is different about the Principal's role in Middle and Senior School?

The new structure moves the Principal closer to daily operational aspects of the school. The Principal:

  • is directly accountable to the Head of College
  • leads, oversees and is responsible for the Middle and Senior School to ensure holistic and pastoral programs support the wellbeing of the students
What do Middle and Senior School Leaders do?

The Middle/Senior School Leaders have responsibility for the annual and day-to-day educational, social and cultural operation of the Middle/Senior Schools through considered, effective, pro-active and efficient management and leadership.

The Middle/Senior School Leaders encourage individual and collective success by leading, managing and supporting Middle/Senior School team members and ensuring that inclusivity, wellbeing and high expectations are evident in interactions with students, parents and colleagues.

The Middle/Senior School Leaders support the academic programs within the College by seeking excellent achievement and learning outcomes for all Middle/Senior School students.

What do Middle and Senior School Learning Leaders do?

The Middle Years Learning Leader (MSLL) and the Senior School Learning Leader (SSLL) are highly skilled teachers and pedagogical leaders who focus on strengthening curricula, teaching and learning programs and practices in the pursuit of achieving high levels of student growth and achievement, and effectively preparing students for life beyond school.

The MSLL leads the implementation and management of the IB MYP Programmes and has a strong focus on facilitating professional learning, mentoring and coaching opportunities that build teacher capacity in the MYP curriculum programme. The SSLL leads the implementation and management of the SACE Programmes and has a strong focus on facilitating professional learning, mentoring and coaching opportunities that build teacher capacity in the SACE.

The College's Unlocking Futures learning framework and external and internal strategic initiatives and changes will influence and inform directions in these areas.

What do Year Level Leaders do?

The Year Level Leader is responsible for ensuring a positive culture within the year level and College, enhancing the wellbeing of students through the implementation of agreed academic and pastoral programs, monitoring academic programs, ensuring co-curricular programs align with and are embedded into the curriculum and pastoral program, and monitoring student progress.

The Year Level Leader will work with Home Class teachers, subject teachers and students in the year level to ensure the values of the College are visible and encourage a vibrant and positive environment that supports students to achieve their personal best.

Parent concerns. Who do I contact?

A comprehensive directory will be provided to parents in the new year to clarify communication lines in the new structure.

When the new structure is operationalised in 2022, we plan to monitor and evaluate its effectiveness and the needs of students and staff and make the necessary adjustments. The Primary School is also realigning leadership positions, which will have many similarities in terms of key roles.

These are exciting future-focused changes, resulting in increased support for teachers and improved outcomes for our students. Further information will be sent out at the beginning of the 2022 school year.

Paul Weinert
Principal - Middle and Senior School