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Year 11 Legal Studies Guest Speakers

21 Oct 2021

Mr Anthony Mennillo is a Claims and Legal Advisor for the Medical Insurance Australia Group. He discussed the benefits and difficulties of being a defence barrister in a court room, presenting a High Court appeal and the challenges associated with being a legal advisor to doctors.

Mr Mat Noble spoke to the Year 11 class about his experience of participating in jury duty. He was able to dispel some of the ideas students have about the way jury members interact with each other and how they respond during a trial with the realities of making a decision based only on the facts presented to them in a trial. He was informative and held the students' attention for the entire lesson, with many students asking questions.

Mr Stewart Kleidon presented a talk on the stability of the Constitution in the light of the Governor General's protection of our laws when Parliament votes on bills. He addressed different aspects of the Constitution Section 116 and 48 in particular and talked about the relevance of these sections on today's society.

Rick Sommariva
Legal Studies Teacher