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Year 9 Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary Excursion

21 Oct 2021

As a Geography cohort, we travelled to Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary to undertake a field study to inquire if conservation parks are effective ways of preserving native ecosystems. We were able to learn about the Warrawong team’s goals and purposes through their engaging native show which included a hands-on experience of touching and holding a snake. The year 9s helped the team’s incredible cause by removing shrubs and weeds along waterways. We were able to learn about the ecosystem and how flora and fauna species affect the way in which the environment thrives. Not only this, but students were able to get up close to meet some of Australia’s very own native animals, with some only now being found in Warrawong because of their rescue programmes.

Georgina 9ZTID

Our field trip to Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary was amazing. I learnt so much through investigating biodiversity and learning about the impact of introduced species on Australian Wildlife. I got to experience this wildlife very closely by having a snake placed around my shoulders, taking multiple selfies with emus, and being stung by stinging nettles.

Victoria 9CRID