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Primary School Visual Arts

Year 1, 2 and 5 students recently exhibited artworks in the ELC and Primary School courtyard as a wonderful opportunity to share their creative work with the College community. Year 1 students produced impressionist paintings using small brush strokes to give the impression of an image. In connection to their Sharing the Planet unit of inquiry, Year 2 students constructed birds in nests using reused or recycled materials. Meanwhile, Year 5 students explored Indigenous art techniques of binding and weaving. They used a coil weaving technique to create woven baskets and mats with natural sisal rope.

Back in Term 2, the Year 6 students created large prop pieces to use in performances of fractured fairy tales. These pieces were designed in a large street art style to decorate construction fencing around the Hall. It took a while to be able to install these pieces, but they certainly add a touch of colour and fun at the edge of the oval.

We love being amazed by our students’ fabulous creativity!

Nancy Wells
Visual Arts Teacher