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From the Middle and Senior School Director of Staff

World Teachers' Day

On Friday 29 October, the College celebrated World Teachers' Day. At Concordia we recognise the importance of all staff, whether teacher or support staff, as everyone contributes and makes a difference to the life of every student. World Staff Day at Concordia College is a celebration to genuinely value and acknowledge everyone’s contributions.

Research carried out to identify the impact teachers have on students is substantial. Studies analyse data from students’ test results, student feedback both formal and anecdotal, feedback from exit interviews, parent surveys and more. All the research agrees that teachers significantly effect student self-efficacy and outcomes. There is no doubt that teacher competence, knowledge and ongoing professional growth is essential. Importantly, it is the time teachers take to know and respect students, acknowledge their strengths, encourage them and support them in building their skills that strongly influences positive outcomes for our students.

The Primary, Middle and Senior School students shared a wonderful video in which they thanked all teachers for the work that they do, the support they offer and the joy they bring to their everyday interactions. Students thanked individual teachers for their care, humour, sharing knowledge, teaching, supporting sport and other activities. The School Leaders spoke at the Assembly thanking all staff for their important work and letting them know how much they are appreciated. Flowers were delivered to the staffrooms to add colour to the day and the Parents and Friends Association provided all staff with the chance to enjoy a hot drink and special treat. It was a day of celebration, a day highlighting our values as a College.

At Concordia College we are fortunate to have amazing staff, wonderful students and such a supportive community.

Vera White
Director of Staff - Concordia Campus