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Year 11s Learning for Life

4 Nov 2021

The Year 11 students have begun the term with several opportunities to learn valuable life skills. On Tuesday of Week 2, the students joined senior school students from around the state at the RAA’s “Street Smart High” day. Watching a re-enactment of a road accident (complete with emergency services vehicles with lights and sirens) and hearing from emergency services personnel, road accident survivors and people who had lost relatives in road accidents helped the Year 11s to understand the vital importance of responsible behaviour on and near the roads.

On Wednesday of Week 3, the students attended the third “Brain Training” seminar for the year, presented by Penny Sih of Developing Minds educational psychologists. The seminar focused on “managing tough days, stress and difficult times”. Students were helped to understand the way that our brains naturally respond to stressful situations, and how to recognise instinctive thinking patterns in such instances. They were provided with a range of strategies to cope with such reactions, including learning to pay less attention to upsetting thoughts, keeping “talking and doing”, getting enough sleep and eating healthily. This is timely advice as the students submit their final assignments and prepare for their end of year exams.

Judy Harris
Year 11 Pastoral Leader