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Year 4 German Meine Bohnenpflanze” – My bean plant”

Over the course of this term the Year 4 classes have been exploring a new and innovative unit of work in German titled “Meine Bohnenpflanze” (My bean plant). This unit connects authentically with Maths and Science (STEM) as well as exploring a range of new German vocabulary and grammar structures in a fun and meaningful way. Students have learnt the origins and history of the story of “Jack and the Beanstalk” in German, how to identify different steps involved in planting a plant, accurately measure objects and use question words effectively to formulate a German question correctly. In addition, students have learnt to make predictions and observations in German through completing a Science experiment.

The culmination of our unit has been conducting an experiment where students have each grown their own bean seed into maturity. Given the variables of water, light and different soils, students have had to predict and observe the changes in their individual bean plants and overwhelmingly students have been excited to see their bean plants grow and change over several days and weeks. Students will have the opportunity to plant their beans in their individual gardens at their homes as well.

It has been great to see students’ enthusiasm and excitement throughout this unit of work.

Jane Graham
German Teacher